12 Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Your Old Books!

First of all if you have books in your home then do not sell them or throw them away as there are many Ways to reuse old books as far as decorative ideas are concerned. There are numerous decorative ideas which can be applied as far as your old books are concerned. The purpose of this article is to share with our readers some of the best Ways to reuse old books. These ways are mentioned below:

  • The first idea is pretty simple, as in it all you need to do is to hide your IPhone’s charging cord into your old books. You have actually created a charging dock of your own
  • You can create a nice book column for yourself as well. sometimes books merged together in a single place give a nice look to your home
  • You can also develop your own DIY kindle color by the utilization of old books
  • You can develop a travel scrapbook through the utilization of old books
  • You can also utilize an old book as a planter, there is no harm in it
  • A Literary Clock specially for the toy room of a girl can also be created
  • Different books of different colors can also be utilized as a head board
  • You may have been hanging family photos on the wall, well add some uniqueness in it by hanging some vintage books along
  • Through old books you can also create a book light
  • You can develop a reading table from old books well. The only difference between ordinary table and book table will be that of stand. As in your book table, the books will serve as stand.

These were some of the nice Ways to reuse old books.

Useful Repurposed Mirror Frames Ideas

Mirrors are some things that are found almost in every single household, this is because it is the most common medium that is used by most people to look into and see the way they are dressed. Sometimes, some accidents happen and you might break the glass of the mirror, however the mirror frame might still be intact. It can be either this, or you just might want to discard your mirror but would not want to do the same with the frame. Mirror frames are something that bring a lot of beauty to the mirror itself that is why there are quite a few ways to repurpose it.

Photo Frame
The most common way to repurpose a mirror frame is to use it as a photo frame. If you mirror frame has a sort of vintage touch to it, then it will look even more beautiful with a memorable photograph. However, you will have to modify the frame itself a bit in order to make space for the photograph and let the frame hold it in position, but this does not take a very long time.

Reuse The Frame In Some Other Place
You might have an old mirror frame that is lying around in your house just because you replaced it. You might not be using it again in some other room just because it does not match all the other things in the particular room. You can therefore, make the mirror frame a great decorative item just by repainting it and placing it in the appropriate room.

These were a few ways with which everyone can repurpose mirror frames. Everyone has mirror frames in their homes and there will always be a time when you are going to replace it. This is the instance when you can take that mirror frame and reuse it in some other way.

Do It Yourself: Tree Stump Vases

A tree stump is a very small portion of the trunk which is left after the initial cutting of the tree. Usually the roots of the trunk are connected with the ground. There is variety of uses as far as tree stump is concerned however usually its usage is best depicted in the Tree stump vases. These vases are of course used for decorative purposes and are usually placed in the living rooms of the houses. However the placement of this vase may differ from culture to culture.

Purchasing the Tree stump vases from the market is also a good option and you can find various designs of such vases in the market. However if you are a person who is blessed with creativity and who is fond of DIY activities, then you can develop the Tree stump vases on your own as well. There is no rocket science involved in the making of these vases; all they require is a little effort, time and creativity from your side. Also the items which are required for the making of Tree stump vases are not that expensive; rather they are very much easily available at an affordable price.

The required items may differ as per the style of decoration which you are looking for, however just to give you a glimpse some of the required items are as follows:

  • You have to get your hands on a jam jar
  • You may require a drill
  • A drill bit( auger) is also needed
  • A simple pencil would suffice
  • You may require a paint brush which is old
  • Wood varnish is an absolute necessity
  • Sand paper is always required in such kind of DIY activities

These were some of the major items required for DIY Tree stump vases.

15 Ideas About How To Reuse Aluminum Cans

After having a drink or any beverage you may simply throw away the Can without thinking for one second then you can actually recycle these cans and start a business of your own. By recycle we do not mean a hard core recycling process rather what we mean is that you can craft many different items from these aluminum cans and sell them to make money/cash. There are several ways to reuse aluminum cans and in this article we will share with you some of the most profitable ways. The ways to reuse aluminum cans are as follows

  • You can develop purses through the aluminum cans; however while making the purses the only thing which is highly important for you are the scraps of the can. There are several online tutorials through which you can learn the process of making a beautiful purse through aluminum can.
  • You can cut the aluminum can into several different pieces and craft out a mosaic from it
  • If you are creative enough and if you know the art of sculpturing then you can surely use the cans for sculpturing as well. Plastics bottles can also be utilized along with aluminum cans in this regard

Mere reuse of aluminum cans would not suffice for you at all, rather you have to take it as a proper business and you have to market your products in order to gain something from the hard work which you have put in. There are various marketing methodologies which you can utilize in this regard. Especially with the presence of social media networks like Facebook things have become very easy. We hope that the mentioned ideas will proof handy for you, if you are a person who likes to be self-employed.

12 Shelving Ideas To Repurpose Your Old Stuff

There is no shortage of Repurposed shelving ideas in the market. There are many forums and places from where you can get such ideas. However to make your home unique there are many other things as well that can be used by you as shelves. There are several items which you simply throw away without thinking for a second that such items can be used for shelving purposes. The number of these things and equipment is many and we will try to cover all those things in this particular article. These ideas are more fruitful then repurposed shelving ideas.
The first item which you can utilize for shelving purpose is your old television; well there is plenty of space in the screen area where you can place your books and other items which are usually placed in shelves.

  • Fictionalized pipes are another medium which can be utilized as shelves by you. However this idea requires some hard work and creativity on your part
  • If you have a couple of old ladders then you can utilize these ladders for shelving. Especially books can be easily placed on the ladders
  • You can also attach a ladder on your wall horizontally and use it as shelf
  • If you have old wooden crates at your disposal then these crates can also be easily utilized as shelves
  • Wooden pallets if used with creativity can also serve as shelves for you
  • The idea of industrial pipe as shelves is not a bad one to apply for sure

The ideas may sound strange to you; however these ideas will really add uniqueness into your residence and will add charm in your overall décor as well. There are many other ideas as well which you can use for shelving purposes, however if you are a beginner then we will suggests you to use the above mentioned ideas.

12 Ideas To Repurpose Old Rackets

If you have played tennis or badminton in some point of your life then you will know what a racket is. However, if you are a person who likes to play all these game then you might have a few old rackets lying around. If this is the case, then you might be thinking to dispose of these extra rackets or do something with them. A much better idea would be to repurpose old rackets and do something useful with them. If used correctly, repurposed old rackets can bring a lot of beauty to the home that is why there are quite a few ways to repurpose it and you will find some here.

A racket has many strings going across each other, this makes a racket a great loom for weaving. If you are a person who likes to weave strings and threads together, then you can easily do it on a racket. You will be surprised that how a racket can work as a look and how good it is at it. For this purpose any old racket will do, but just make sure that the net is strong and tight.

Mirror Frame
Another great way to repurpose old rackets is to use it as mirror frames. For this all you need to do is clip out the strings and replace them with a mirror. Such a mirror will make an exceptional decorative item for your home that will look good at all times.

These were a few ways with which everyone can repurpose old rackets. Everyone has old rackets in their homes and there will always be a time when you are going to replace it. This is when you can take that old rackets and reuse it in some other way that is has some advantage.

13 Repurposing Ideas For Old Colanders

A Colander is basically a kitchen item which is rather bowl shaped in nature and has several holes in it as well. In most of the cases it is utilized for the draining of different food stuffs like rice or pasta. Another very important usage of colanders is related to the rinsing or cleaning of vegetables as well. However there are several other uses of colanders as well particular if we talk about Repurposed Old Colanders. There are several other ways in which colanders can be utilized nowadays. In this article we will give you some of the best ideas related to Repurposed Old Colanders. These ideas are as follows:

  • A good idea for you is to remove the legs of the colander; this will allow you to make it a storage basket in which you can place several important kitchen items like sponges and soap etc.
  • You can also utilize your old colander as a planting container. It looks beautiful as well as decorative as well
  • wind chimes can also be created via the usage of old colanders
  • If you are a creative person then you can certainly utilize the old colanders for lighting purposes as well
  • A nice stand can also be made out of an old colander
  • A hanging lamp can also be prepared through the old colander
  • A colander centerpiece can also be developed
  • You can also develop an ice bucket via old colanders

These were some of the major ideas related to the concept of “Repurposed Old Colanders”. These ideas were just an icing on the cake as there are many other ideas as well which you can practically implement in this regard. We hope that the readers will find this article useful and informative.

Repurposed Old Bathtubs Ideas

The bathroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms in any house. It is that room that is used most frequently by the residents and that is a lot of effort is put into the decoration of the bathroom. No matter what you do, there is always something left out while decorating a bathroom. Personalization is something that can help decorate a bathroom in the best possible way but it is only available when you decide to do things on your own and that is exactly what you will find here. A good way to decorate your bathroom or is to reuse or repurpose old bathtubs.

As Planters
A great way to repurpose old bathtubs is to use them as planters. Believe it or not, old bathtubs make a great place to keep small plants and these look highly amazing as well. You just need to take an old bathtub, place the specific plant and fill the old bathtubs with soil. Just do this and you will have a good looking set of beautiful plants.

Beautiful Sofas
With the help of old bathtubs you can even make beautiful sofas. However, for this you will have to some work as you will have to careful cut or break the bathtub from one side, so that people may sit on it. After that you just need place 4 legs on the bathtub along with a cushion and a few pillows. This kind of sofas are truly unique but they look very beautiful once they are made properly.

These were a few repurposed old bathtubs ideas that can help you reuse or repurpose unused old bathtubs. If the bathtubs are in good shape then you do need to throw them out as you can reuse them in a beautiful manner.

Repurposed Lighting: Some Unique Ideas

You may have read several articles related to lighting ideas however you may have hardly come across an article which has been written on the topic of “Repurposed lighting ideas”. Well you will be pleased to know that in this article our plan is to discuss with you some of the finest Repurposed lighting ideas. Though these Repurposed lighting ideas are not traditional and may sound strange to you, however the application of these ideas will surely add some uniqueness as far as lighting is concerned. Though the ideas were many however we had to keep this article readable as listing all the ideas may require an entire book. Some of the ideas are as follows:

  • You can use the village drill lamp
  • Beaded lamps can be utilized by you
  • A lamp having a car jack as a stand can be used by you
  • Colander can also be utilized as a lamp by you
  • A lamp equipped with a meal grinder can also be used
  • Driftwood can also be used for lighting
  • An colander meat grinder can also be used as a lamp
  • A lamp equipped with electric meter looks both beautiful as well as unique
  • Different tires can be decorated with lightings and can be handed as well
  • The plastic bottle camps can also be designed as a lamp

Though the above mentioned ideas may seem strange to you, however the fact of the matter is that once you apply these ideas, you will see the difference. We have just listed the ideas here to you, on the internet you can find tips related to the application of these ideas and also the pictures related to these ideas. We hope that the article will help you in the creation of Unique Lighting.

Repurposed Items For Home Décor

The Repurposed items for home décor, is not a new subject rather a lot of research and ideas related to the subject have been given by us as well as other writers. The Repurposed items for home décor is a subject with which nobody can do justice with as a lot can be written on it. Continuing with the chain of ideas related to Repurposed items for home décor, in this article we will list some of the simplest and easiest ideas which you can apply. These ideas will enhance your home décor and will also serve convenient for you as far as day to day home activities are concerned. Some ideas are as follows

  • Do you know that you can effectively utilize the toilet roles for the organization of chords as well as cables?
  • Do you know that by effectively utilizing the old picture slides you can develop a window cover for yourself?
  • Do you know that the old night bulbs which you have at your disposal can easily be used as candles?
  • Do you know that there is a bagel storage device hidden in your CD cover?
  • Do you know that your picture frames can also be used as trays for serving purposes?
  • Do you know that wall hooks can also be created by you through bending of old wrenches?
  • Do you know that a medicine cabinet can be created by you through any old suitcase available at your disposal?
  • Do you know that you can make a nice mailbox through your computer tower?

We hope that the above mentioned Repurposed items for home décor will be utilized by you in the way which has been mentioned above. The ideas are not that difficult to apply.