If you have played tennis or badminton in some point of your life then you will know what a racket is. However, if you are a person who likes to play all these game then you might have a few old rackets lying around. If this is the case, then you might be thinking to dispose of these extra rackets or do something with them. A much better idea would be to repurpose old rackets and do something useful with them. If used correctly, repurposed old rackets can bring a lot of beauty to the home that is why there are quite a few ways to repurpose it and you will find some here.

A racket has many strings going across each other, this makes a racket a great loom for weaving. If you are a person who likes to weave strings and threads together, then you can easily do it on a racket. You will be surprised that how a racket can work as a look and how good it is at it. For this purpose any old racket will do, but just make sure that the net is strong and tight.

Mirror Frame
Another great way to repurpose old rackets is to use it as mirror frames. For this all you need to do is clip out the strings and replace them with a mirror. Such a mirror will make an exceptional decorative item for your home that will look good at all times.

These were a few ways with which everyone can repurpose old rackets. Everyone has old rackets in their homes and there will always be a time when you are going to replace it. This is when you can take that old rackets and reuse it in some other way that is has some advantage.

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