There is no shortage of Repurposed shelving ideas in the market. There are many forums and places from where you can get such ideas. However to make your home unique there are many other things as well that can be used by you as shelves. There are several items which you simply throw away without thinking for a second that such items can be used for shelving purposes. The number of these things and equipment is many and we will try to cover all those things in this particular article. These ideas are more fruitful then repurposed shelving ideas.
The first item which you can utilize for shelving purpose is your old television; well there is plenty of space in the screen area where you can place your books and other items which are usually placed in shelves.

  • Fictionalized pipes are another medium which can be utilized as shelves by you. However this idea requires some hard work and creativity on your part
  • If you have a couple of old ladders then you can utilize these ladders for shelving. Especially books can be easily placed on the ladders
  • You can also attach a ladder on your wall horizontally and use it as shelf
  • If you have old wooden crates at your disposal then these crates can also be easily utilized as shelves
  • Wooden pallets if used with creativity can also serve as shelves for you
  • The idea of industrial pipe as shelves is not a bad one to apply for sure

The ideas may sound strange to you; however these ideas will really add uniqueness into your residence and will add charm in your overall décor as well. There are many other ideas as well which you can use for shelving purposes, however if you are a beginner then we will suggests you to use the above mentioned ideas.

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