A Colander is basically a kitchen item which is rather bowl shaped in nature and has several holes in it as well. In most of the cases it is utilized for the draining of different food stuffs like rice or pasta. Another very important usage of colanders is related to the rinsing or cleaning of vegetables as well. However there are several other uses of colanders as well particular if we talk about Repurposed Old Colanders. There are several other ways in which colanders can be utilized nowadays. In this article we will give you some of the best ideas related to Repurposed Old Colanders. These ideas are as follows:

  • A good idea for you is to remove the legs of the colander; this will allow you to make it a storage basket in which you can place several important kitchen items like sponges and soap etc.
  • You can also utilize your old colander as a planting container. It looks beautiful as well as decorative as well
  • wind chimes can also be created via the usage of old colanders
  • If you are a creative person then you can certainly utilize the old colanders for lighting purposes as well
  • A nice stand can also be made out of an old colander
  • A hanging lamp can also be prepared through the old colander
  • A colander centerpiece can also be developed
  • You can also develop an ice bucket via old colanders

These were some of the major ideas related to the concept of “Repurposed Old Colanders”. These ideas were just an icing on the cake as there are many other ideas as well which you can practically implement in this regard. We hope that the readers will find this article useful and informative.

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