Shoes are some things that are found almost in every single household, this is because it is the most common medium that is used by most people in order to freely walk on the ground without the fear of getting hurt. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation when you have a lot of shoes and some of them might be getting worn out. It can be this, or you just might want to discard your old shoes and replace them with newer ones and either way you will have a collection of old shoes. Old shoes are something that can bring a lot of beauty to your home and it will be in its own way, here you will find a few ways to repurpose old shoes.

A great way to repurpose old shoes is to use them as planters. Believe it or not, shoes make a great place to keep small plants and these look highly amazing as well. You just need to collect a few old shoes, place the specific plant and fill the shoe with soil. Just do this and you will have a good looking set of planters.

Old shoes also make good book ends, however old ladies shoes make even better bookends especially when they have high heels. Just stick the shoes on a flat service and your book ends will be ready. Now all you need to do is place some books in the middle and you will have a well-organized set of books.

These were a few repurposed old shoes ideas that can help you reuse or repurpose unused old shoes. If the old shoes are in somewhat good shape then you do need to throw them out as you can reuse them in a beautiful way.

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