There is no need for us here to explain the benefits which the computer technology has brought into this world. However sometimes we do not value our computer parts when they become dysfunctional or useless. We just throw them away without thinking for a minute what unique items we can create through them. In this article our topic of discussion is “Repurposed computer stuff”. We have chosen this topic in order to let the general public know that nothing is useless in this world and everything can be utilized in a better way. Some of the ideas related to Repurposed computer stuff are as follows

  • Do you know that you can easily create a wallet for yourself through your keyboard? You can utilize several internal parts of your keyboard to make a circuit wallet. The wallet will surely look unique.
  • An earring holder can also be developed by you through different parts of the keyboard. Of course you have to open up your keyboard to apply this idea.
  • You can also make a unique bag for yourself by sticking the buttons of your Keyboard on it
  • You can also stick the buttons of your keyboard on your journal, this surely is a wonderful idea

These were some of the ideas related to the topic “Repurposed computer stuff”. If you read thoroughly you will see that the ideas which we have shared are more related to Keyboards. Well this does not mean that other parts are useless. Rather other parts of the computer are also handy as well. We could not list all the ideas in one article altogether. We hope that as a reader you may have got an idea that how useful your dysfunctional computer parts may be. So please do not through your computer parts rather use

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