The number of ideas related to DIY Tiny planters is plenty and it is like an ocean which has no end. The world in which we live in is home to several creative minds and it is due to these creative minds, every day new ideas related to DIY Tiny planters get surfaced and seems there is no ending to this process. This article is nothing more than a value addition. In this short discourse with you we will be sharing with you some of the best ideas ever. These ideas are both attractive as well as easy to apply. The ideas related to DIY Tiny planters are mentioned below:

  • You can utilize a floppy disk as it is one of the ideal ways through which an old technology can get repurposed
  • If you have old books in the house then there is no harm if you attach plants on its surface
  • If you have pots then do not waste them, rather paint them and hang them on your fence
  • Switch plates can also be utilized as a planting option
  • If you have some old boots then fill them with some sand and plants. Hang these boots in your fence
  • If you have some tires available at your disposal then utilize them as well
  • Colanders can also serve as a nice planting option
  • A Chandelier can also be utilized as a tiny planter

There are several other items as well which you can utilize as tiny planters. It is more about how creative you are and how much fond are you of planting activity. You can initially start with the mentioned ideas and once you get use to these ideas then you can make your own ideas in the future as well.

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