Do It Yourself: Tree Stump Vases

Do It Yourself: Tree Stump Vases

A tree stump is a very small portion of the trunk which is left after the initial cutting of the tree. Usually the roots of the trunk are connected with the ground. There is variety of uses as far as tree stump is concerned however usually its usage is best depicted in the Tree stump vases. These vases are of course used for decorative purposes and are usually placed in the living rooms of the houses. However the placement of this vase may differ from culture to culture.

Purchasing the Tree stump vases from the market is also a good option and you can find various designs of such vases in the market. However if you are a person who is blessed with creativity and who is fond of DIY activities, then you can develop the Tree stump vases on your own as well. There is no rocket science involved in the making of these vases; all they require is a little effort, time and creativity from your side. Also the items which are required for the making of Tree stump vases are not that expensive; rather they are very much easily available at an affordable price.

The required items may differ as per the style of decoration which you are looking for, however just to give you a glimpse some of the required items are as follows:

  • You have to get your hands on a jam jar
  • You may require a drill
  • A drill bit( auger) is also needed
  • A simple pencil would suffice
  • You may require a paint brush which is old
  • Wood varnish is an absolute necessity
  • Sand paper is always required in such kind of DIY activities

These were some of the major items required for DIY Tree stump vases.